Sponsor an activity booth at the Kessler Pumpkin Patch! Each sponsor will have the name or logo of their choice at the front of the booth of their choice printed on a pumpkin sign. Popular past options have been family names, kid names, names of someone you’d like to honor, a charity you support, or a business you’d like to market. Click on the Patch Store link above to be a bOOth Buddy!

bOOth Options

  • $100 $100 bOOths: Face Painting Standard, Hair Art, Popcorn & Drinks, Beanbag Toss, Football Throw, Skeeball, Plinko, Homerun Derby

  • $200 bOOths: Joust Bounce House, Kid Bounce House, Toddler Bounce House, Petting Zoo, Ponies, Cupcake Walk, Face Painting Pro

  • $750 bOOth: Pumpkin Patch & Selfie Set-Up (Sign is bigger and at the entrance of the main attraction - the Patch!)

  • $2500 bOOth: Entertainment Stage Sponsor (Name and/or logo in giant banner wrapped around the entertainment stage & regular “Sponsored by…” announcements in-between performances)